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Menu launches Network Function as a Service architecture

Berlin, November 22, 2023 --, the sustainable Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, today announced the launch of its Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) service architecture, along with a showcase stateless firewall service offering.’s Network Function as a Service (NFaaS) architecture enables customers to add valuable network and security functionality to their private L2 connectivity as easily as turning on cloud services. NFaaS services are powered by highly scalable compute resources that are tightly integrated with the NaaS platform, and available to deploy on-demand via the web portal and API.  

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“Many virtualized network functions on the market today are simply virtualized compute offerings where customers need to bring their own licenses and manage their own software deployments,“ said Theo Voss,’s co-founder and CEO. “We heard from customers that they wanted a more seamless experience, where adding security, routing, or other network functionality would be deployable in a few clicks. That is the simplicity and ease that customers gain with NFaaS.” 

Showcase Service: Stateless Firewall

The Stateless Firewall is a network function that allows customers to connect Ethernet networks together in minutes and build stateless filtering rulesets for security and segmentation purposes. 

Wolfgang Nagele, Head of Network Functions at said, “With the stateless firewall we have created something tangible and useful to show people what we are trying to do with network functions. With no upfront costs, we invite customers to try it out, experiment with real ease of use, and see that this is only the beginning of what is possible with’s NFaaS integrated within our network.” 

Foundation for Solution Partnerships

The NFaaS architecture serves as the basis for integrating third party solutions and capabilities as on-demand network functions. 

Marc Korthaus, co-founder of said, “We have been very pleased to see the positive response from technology vendors to our NFV architecture. We’re already working with leading security and network solution providers on forthcoming network functions, and are eager to build partnerships around new network functions.

About is the sustainable Network as a Service (NaaS) company, providing flexible and easy-to-consume connectivity and security services for global business. offers fast provisioning of Internet Transit, private Ethernet connectivity and NFV services via an easy-to-use web portal and API, with robust DDoS protection.’s international backbone network includes AS5405 and AS25291 with 1400+ peers and low latency reach to Internet audiences. is a certified B Corporation and has received PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral Certification.