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IP Transit and IP Access

Solutions for both small and large corporations

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What Sets Us Apart offers a superior, Pan-European 100G/400G network with exceptional connectivity to carriers, content providers, and internet exchanges.

We operate two ASNs that we are bringing together so you can access powerful IP and flexible private L2 connectivity on-demand. 

  • ASN 25291 (INTERDOTLINK-SYSELEVEN) is our historical ASN with over 1400 peers and strong reach to European content audiences with minimal latency, outperforming many larger Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers.
  • ASN 5405 (INTERDOTLINK) is our new ASN that is deeply integrated with Flex Ethernet and Network Function services. We are actively planning migration of all connectivity and customers to this ASN. 

Experience the benefits of our network for yourself by signing up for a free trial. 

Connectivity USP


Provision on-demand in our portal

Provision IP Transit in minutes through the Portal. Just choose your preferred locations, required bandwidth, desired port speed and contract duration. We will provide you with a detailed service summary, allowing you to place your order instantly and in real-time. 

Watch our short video to see what the ordering process looks like.  


The network has extensive peerings and PNIs with regional and smaller networks across Europe.

Our IP services come with Flowspec support, along with baseline DDoS protection.

IP Transit IP transit services are delivered by a carrier-grade platform built on the latest network infrastructure, 100G and 400G backbone connectivity, and end-to-end automation.  

Key Benefits

  • IPv4/31 and IPv6/127 transfer networks by default 
  • IPv4/29 and IPv6/64 on request 
  • Extensive and expanding set of network locations 
  • Transparent pricing including 95/5 percentile or flatrate 
  • Aggregated billing across multiple ports 
  • Backed by a 100% uptime SLA 

IP Access’s IP-Access is a fully customizable and flexible connectivity solution for businesses, legacy installations, and campuses.

Key Benefits

  • Internet Access without BGP Session(s)
  • IPv4/31 and IPv6/127 transfer networks by default
  • IPv4/29 and IPv6/64 on request
  • Includes basic DDoS protection against volumetric attacks

ONE PORT, Multiple services and locations

When you connect with via an access port, you can use it for a variety of services including IP Transit, Flex Ethernet, and Network Functions. 

We're also available at more data centers than ever before, because everyone deserves carrier-grade connectivity. Learn more about where you can connected with us. 


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Layer 3

What's Special About Our Layer 3

All of our IP Connectivity products come with transparent billing options, including per 95/5 percentile or flatrate.

Additionally, we offer aggregated billing over multiple ports. A comprehensive list of BGP communities is available.

Peering Partners


BGP FlowSpec

DDoS attacks can cripple a network and can take up extensive time and resources. So, it makes sense to be proactive and not just reactive. With our IP-Transit, you can use FlowSpec, or a separate BDP session. Additionally, customers can announce FlowSpec filter rules that will be installed on our network. 

This approach makes it easier to help mitigate a DDoS attack before it reaches the customer's network. 

Bring Your Own ASN (BYOA)

Managing internet infrastructure is no easy task. If you find yourself in a situation where you have an AS number and IP address space, then we can help. 

Our services allow you to use your own IP address space under your ASN in combination with our IP-Access product. 

Additionally, we can provide assistance in setting up an RIR (RIPE) LIR membership. So, let us help you get on the right track. 

DDoS Filtering Mitigation

Using our automated portal, customers can announce filter rules (similar to FlowSpec) that they would like to have installed on our network. This allows easy customer-controlled filtering to mitigate a DDoS attack before it reaches the customer's network.