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We’re moving into new territory.

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Our Roadmap

We are planning to expand into over 35 new locations in 2023. Each location will be interconnected with 100G and 400G wavelengths depending on the region and demand.

Deep Dive

Estimated PoP Rollout Dates 2023

July 2023

Online: London, Dublin, Paris


August 2023


Vienna, Austria - VIE1 + VIE2

Munich, Germany - MUC1

Stuttgart, Germany - STR1


September 2023

Prague, Czechia - PRG1

Copenhagen, Denmark - CPH1

Stockholm, Sweden - STO1

Zurich, Switzerland - ZRH1

Milan, Italy - MIL1

October 2023 arrives in the USA

New York, USA - NYC1

Ashburn, USA - ASH1

Seattle, USA - SEA1

San Jose, USA - SJC1

Miami, USA - MIA1

November 2023

Los Angeles, USA - LAX1

 Singapore - SIN1

Hong Kong - HKG1

Tokyo, Japan - TYO1


December 2023

Sydney, Australia - SYD1


Network Stats

Sustainable Connectivity on a Global Scale

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35+ New Locations in 2023

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100G and 400G Wavelengths available at each location

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Why Us

How Stands Out

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Simplified Pricing

At, we believe in transparent and straightforward pricing. Our billing structure is based on the features and services you need and use, rather than on factors outside of your control. You pay for what you need, and nothing more. 

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Fast Implementation

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's important to be able to implement security solutions quickly. That's why we offer express protection plans that can help you stop threats and get ahead of potential attacks. 

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Plans for Everyone

At, we believe that everyone deserves protection, regardless of the size of their company. That's why we include basic DDoS protection in all of our IP-based products at no extra cost. 

For more comprehensive protection, our Plus, Premium, and Enterprise tiers offer a range of options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking for basic insurance-like coverage or always-on enterprise protection, we have a plan that's right for you.