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The Network

Get powerful connectivity at scale in minutes

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A new approach from the ground up

We’re building a network that breaks with traditional telco architectures; a network designed from the inside out to deliver services that are faster and easier to provision; simpler and more flexible to design and operate; and sustainable now, not later. 

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Sustainable Connectivity on a Global Scale

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Top Ranked ASNs with 1400+ Peers

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100G and 400G for Every Location

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Multi-Terabit Backbone Capacity


Connected at 300+ Data Centers in Europe

PoP Locations List

Find live and planned locations below. For a full, live and orderable list, sign in or register for our on-demand portal. 


PoP City Data Center Facility Address 
AHR1-DE Ahrensburg Datacenter One HAM1 Ahrensburg Carl-Backhaus-Str. 21c, 22926
AMS1-NL Amsterdam Interxion AMS9/17 incl. NIKHEF via XC Science Park 121, 1098XG
BER1-DE Berlin CarrierColo Berlin Luetzow (I/P/B/ site B) incl. DNS:NET via XC Lützowstr. 105, 10785
BER2-DE Berlin CarrierColo Berlin Kitzing (I/P/B/ site K) Kitzingstr. 15, 12277
BER3-DE Berlin NTT Berlin 1 Data Center (BER1) Nonnendammallee 15, 13599
BUD1-HU Budapest BIX Building (BUD1-HU)  Victor Hugo str. 18-22
CPH1-DK Copenhagen Digital Realty Copenhagen (CPH1, CPH2) Industriparken 20A., 2750
DUB1-IE Dublin Digital Realty Dublin (DUB1, DUB2) Unit 35 Lavery Avenue, Park West Business Park, D12 YY88
DUS1-DE Dusseldorf Digital Realty Dusseldorf (DUS1, DUS2) In der Steele 29, 40599
FRA1-DE Frankfurt Digital Realty Frankfurt FRA5 incl. FRA1-15 via XC Hanauer Landstraße 298, 60314
FRA2-DE Frankfurt NTT Frankfurt 1 Data Center (FRA1) Eschborner Landstrasse 100, 60489
FRA3-DE Frankfurt Equinix FR5 - Frankfurt Kleyerstrasse 90, 60326
LON1-GB London Telehouse London Docklands North incl. South, East, West via XC 14 Coriander Avenue, E14 2AA
MUC1-DE Munich Equinix MU1/MU3 incl. MU4 via XC Seidlstrasse 3, 80355
PAR1-FR Paris Telehouse - Paris 2 (Voltaire - Léon Frot) incl. Paris 1/3 via Campus XC 137 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011
PRG1-CZ Prague CE Colo Prague Nad Elektrarnou 1428/47, 10600
STO1-SE Stockholm Equinix SK2 (Stockholm, Sköndal) incl. SK1, SK3 via XC Kvastvagen 25-29, Skondal, 128 06, 128 62 SE
STR1-DE Stuttgart euNetworks Colocation Stuttgart incl. Arelion, Nepustil via XC Zettachring 10, 70567
VIE1-AT Vienna Interxion Vienna VIE1/VIE2 Louis-Haefliger-Gasse 10, 1210
VIE2-AT Vienna NTT Vienna 1 Data Center (VIE1) Computerstraße 4, 1100
ZRH1-CH Zurich Digital Realty ZUR1 incl. ZUR2 via XC Sägereistrasse 35, 8152


Get IP and L2 Connectivity On-Demand

Build robust IP transit and private Ethernet connectivity across our globally expanding backbone network in minutes. Easily integrate valuable network functions. Check out our transparent pricing and get started in our self-service portal. 



Find Us in More places

Connect with us at over 300 new data centers in Europe 

Because everyone deserves carrier-grade connectivity. We've added the following new locations where you can connect with us: 

  • We've added over 786 locations in Germany, our home base. 
  • 155 new locations in our neighbor The Netherlands. 
  • London calling and beyond with 359 new locations in the UK. 


Why Us

How Stands Out

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Simplified Pricing

At, we believe in transparent and straightforward pricing. Our billing structure is based on the features and services you need and use, rather than on factors outside of your control. You pay for what you need, and nothing more. 

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Fast Implementation

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's important to be able to implement security solutions quickly. That's why we offer express protection plans that can help you stop threats and get ahead of potential attacks. 

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Plans for Everyone

At, we believe that everyone deserves protection, regardless of the size of their company. That's why we include basic DDoS protection in all of our IP-based products at no extra cost. 

For more comprehensive protection, our Plus, Premium, and Enterprise tiers offer a range of options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking for basic insurance-like coverage or always-on enterprise protection, we have a plan that's right for you.