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Network Functions

Deploy tightly integrated network functions on-demand 


Bring more value into your network has built a tightly integrated Network Function as a Service (NFaaS) architecture into our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, so you can deploy valuable network, security and operational functions into your network in minutes. 

Scalable Performance’s NFaaS architecture employs scalable, regional compute resources to make your network perform at its best.

Seamless Integration

Network functions are tightly integrated with connectivity services, so you can get up and running fast.

No Hardware Required

Stop worrying about procuring and deploying hardware. Consume value-added network functions like the cloud.

Showcase Service: Stateless Firewall

See how NFaaS can work by trying out our stateless firewall service offering. Connect your IP Transit and Ethernet networks together in minutes and build stateless filtering rulesets for security and segmentation purposes. 

Provision network functions in minutes through the Portal. Watch our short video to see what the ordering process looks like. 

Integrate your solutions NFaaS is built to accommodate both and third-party solutions. Want to see your network, security, or operational function integrated into our platform? Reach out to us via the contact form below.