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Menu chooses Rackhost, one of the biggest server hosts in Hungary, for their Budapest PoP

Berlin, January 11, 2023 --, the sustainable Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, today announced their new Point of Presence is active in Budapest thanks to new partner Rackhost, one of the biggest server hosts in Hungary.

Gabor Reich, Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, shakes the hand of Gergely Csapó, CEO of Rackhost

Gergely Csapó, CEO of Rackhost said, "We're thrilled about this partnership with as it not only strengthens our infrastructure with top-notch DDoS protection but also aligns with our commitment to offer reliable and sustainable hosting solutions in Hungary and beyond." 

Theo Voss, Co-Founder and CEO said, "We're seeing increased interest and demand in Eastern Europe and are happy to partner with Rackhost, so that we can expand our services in this growing market." met Rackhost in October 2023 at the first ever network operator group event in Hungary, HUNOG1. was the event’s sustainability sponsor and Nicol Nógrádi, Special Projects Manager, presented on sustainability in the network industry. Plans for partnering were originally initiated with Deninet, the hosting and data centre service company in Budapest, and the partnership was completed when Deninet was acquired by Rackhost near the end of 2023. 

"Joining forces with marks an exciting milestone in our endeavors. In addition to expanding our service portfolio, it ensures our clients benefit from cutting-edge global connectivity, reinforcing our position as a leading hosting and data center service provider in Hungary."

Zoltán Virág

Managing Director of Rackhost and former owner of Deninet

This partnership is beneficial for both sides, as Rackhost obtains IP Transit and DDoS Protection services and gains support in Hungary where they have recently expanded. This expansion looks to continue soon due to Rackhost opening a second location in Budapest this year.

Gabor Reich, Sales Manager for Central and Eastern Europe said, "Rackhost have a lot of IP ranges to protect so it was important for them to choose a partner who can handle their requirements in this area.’s DDoS protection is capable of this, especially since we combine our own backbone with multiple scrubbing centres."

About Rackhost

Rackhost provides quality web and server hosting services with more than 10 years of experience. In 2011, they built their own server room to serve customers with even greater reliability.  

Rackhost is also a leading domain registrar in Hungary, offering not only .hu, but also .com, .eu, .org, .info, .net and dozens of other domain endings. Whether it's individuals, non-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, or multinational companies, everyone can find a service that suits their goals with Rackhost, who has become one of the most dynamically developing and one of the largest companies in the sector. 

About is a global Network as a Service company that provides better, sustainable, and automated connectivity to the Internet. offers network- and security services based on its own international backbone (AS5405), with the mission to provide better, sustainable, and automated connectivity to the internet. With 50+ Points of Presences (PoPs) on every continent, offers a global footprint and unmatched connectivity for all its customers. If you are looking for easy access, high quality, 100% uptime guarantee, self-service, white label solutions and end-to-end automation on a global scale, we are here for you! Let’s overcome today’s market challenges together.