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Service Overview

Office or Building access are a variants of the IP Access service when delivered to an office/building.

The customer's fiber connectivity to the building is handled by along with project management. Inhouse cabling is the responsibility of the customer. 

Project Coordination and delivery time

In the contect of FTTX (Office, Building, Campus) delivery time and project coordination are unique for 

If the building is not on-net (fiber in the building) yet, takes care of the handling of all involved parties and remains the single point of contact for the customer. Especially when multiple parties are involved, the situation on site is more complex, or permission from the city/county is required. In on-net locations (buildings with existing presence), can usually deliver in less than 48 hours. 

In on-net or near-net (fiber is close by), is able to offer best prices.


  • Fixed prices for larger campuses 
  • Personal and direct contact to Network Operations 
  • High network quality, basically datacenter-grade 
  • Good connectivity to Cloud Services like Google, Microsoft & Co. 
  • Connecitity Check via our Portal/API 
  • Bandwidth from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps available