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Efficient DDoS Protection for a Multi-Site Cloud Provider – ScaleUp Technologies Story

ABOUT ScaleUp Technologies

ScaleUp Technologies is a market leader in managed hosting, providing high-availability managed cloud solutions across Germany. ScaleUp's services include public, private, and hybrid cloud options, as well as bare metal and business hosting. With a focus on open infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies such as OCP hardware, OpenStack, and Kubernetes, ScaleUp delivers scalable and green solutions tailored to its customers' needs.  


ScaleUp Technologies offers rented colocation space across seven data centers in Germany, including data center sites in Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. ScaleUp Technologies’ ISO 27001 certified services and data centers demonstrate the company's commitment to data security. The interconnected Tier 3 data centers ensure optimal performance and redundancy, enabling smooth server operations across multiple locations.

the challenge

ScaleUp Technologies was not satisfied with its previous DDoS protection solution. It was a standalone solution that was not ideal from a technical perspective, and they were not receiving responsive, efficient support.  

In addition, the DDoS solution provider had no POPs in Germany, and most of ScaleUp's customers are based in Germany. Routing traffic through a tunnel resulted in a minimum latency of 30 milliseconds, limited MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) and left more room for error. 

"We chose open hardware and software to do a lot of the work ourselves at ScaleUp Technlogies because we prefer to have more control and flexibility, however, we chose for DDoS protection due to their expertise in building a neat and robust solution, their large network, and because they are a local, like-minded provider who is focused on the best speed and performance for customers."

Christoph Streit

CEO and Co-Founder, ScaleUp Technologies


the solution

ScaleUp Technologies chose for DDoS protection because, despite being a pan-European provider, has locations in Germany exactly where ScaleUp requires them. This ensures a direct fibre connection, keeping traffic local and latency extremely low.  
There is now much less room for error and traffic can be rerouted through another location if necessary. In addition, provides video calls when needed, so support is mostly personal and efficient. 

Sustainability is also an important focus for ScaleUp, which is committed to climate-friendly hosting, and has long been a pioneer in the areas of sustainable digitization and carbon-reduced data center management. They were very pleased to learn that is BSI PAS 2060 certified and therefore a carbon neutral provider according to the current international standard. 

key benefits

  • Local to ScaleUp, enabling efficient, effective DDoS protection 
  • Responsive and personal support
  • 100% uptime guaranteed SLA  
  • BSI PAS 2060 carbon neutral product and B Corp certified provider 
  • Automated portal for additional services and upgrades 

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"Sustainability is also a key requirement for us. In fact, our OCP hardware solutions are currently best available choice for running IT in a climate-friendly way. Working with a carbon neutral provider helps us on our sustainability journey." 

Christoph Streit

CEO and Co-Founder, ScaleUp Technologies DDoS Protection is designed to protect both hardware and software by detecting, filtering, and blocking malicious traffic. We combine our own backbone with multiple scrubbing centers to offer true global protection.