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Sustainable Connectivity for a Green Cloud Offering: story

ABOUT Kraud.Cloud offers a Platform-as-a-Service for Kubernetes and Docker Cloud solutions with the ambitious goal of becoming carbon-neutral and even carbon-negative by vertically integrating carbon sinks. The vertical integration of micro-vms (virtual machines) and hardware enables to deploy Kubernetes at lower prices.

the challenge’s focus on carbon neutrality can make it difficult to find the right suppliers, especially since all services, produced goods, and other activities must go into their emission calculation. It is not common in the ICT industry to be a reliable IP-Transit Provider while at the same time being committed to ambitious sustainability targets. is the right connectivity partner that ticks both boxes.

"At we're building the first CO2 neutral public cloud to the highest quality standard while targeting 80% lower energy consumption. is a great partner for us, providing exceptionally good, low latency, worry-free, IP transit while aligning well with our sustainability goals."

Arvid Picciani


the solution’s CO2-neutral offering was extremely appealing to This is because a provider already being CO2-neutral helps them in their emissions balance, saving a great deal of time and assisting in their mission for green apps in the cloud. To further highlight their commitment to sustainability, achieved the PAS 2060 carbon neutrality certification. provides IP-Transit in a Berlin Data Centre facility. This supports with 100% uptime SLA guaranteed availability of their Platform-as-a-Service.

key benefits

  • Certified CO2 neutral product and B Corp Certified provider 
  • 100% uptime guaranteed SLA 
  • Multi-service port architecture – seamless addition to other services 
  • An automated portal for additional services and upgrades 
  • Competitive Pricing and flexible contract terms

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“Choosing lets us not worry about transit in terms of engineering and in terms of environmental impact, which makes it lower overall cost than a cheaper competitor. 

“And this isn't just marketing speech, it really does make me consistently recommend to others whose upstreams seem to require much more engineering effort.”

Arvid Picciani


Provision in minutes offers a superior, Pan-European 100G/400G network with exceptional connectivity to carriers, content providers, and internet exchanges. We operate two ASNs that we are bringing together so you can access powerful IP and flexible private L2 connectivity on-demand. 

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