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Expanding horizons and unlocking possibilities

As I write this, we are just winding up our sales and marketing off-site in Frankfurt. As a remote-first company, I personally find these brief moments of face to face-to-face interaction vital to team building and ensuring everyone shares the same vision.
What struck me most about the people I met this week was their passion for where they see the future of going and how enthusiastic and energised they are to be a part of it.


At, we are excited to have ambitious plans for global expansion, as we aim to open many new points of presence around the world in the next two years. This significant undertaking marks a major milestone in our journey towards providing unparalleled network connectivity and services to businesses worldwide.
Our expansion strategy focuses on strategically chosen regions that are rapidly growing in terms of digitalization and business opportunities. From Asia Pacific to North America, Europe, and beyond, our goal is to establish a strong presence in key markets that drive innovation and economic development.
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Benefits for Customers and Businesses:
With our expanded global network infrastructure, businesses will gain access to a wider range of connectivity options and improved service quality. By establishing points of presence closer to our customers, we significantly reduce latency and increase network performance, resulting in faster data transfer and enhanced user experiences.
What's more, our global expansion allows seamless international collaborations and enables businesses to tap into new markets with confidence. Whether it's expanding customer reach, accessing global cloud services, or ensuring uninterrupted communication, our network expansion will open up a world of possibilities for businesses of all sizes.
The Impact of Reliable Global Connectivity:
Reliable global connectivity has become a crucial factor in driving business growth and success. With our expanded network, companies can establish secure and high-speed connections across borders, allowing them to optimize their operations, leverage emerging technologies, and stay competitive in today's interconnected digital landscape.
We understand the challenges businesses face in a globalized world, and our mission is to provide the infrastructure and services necessary to overcome these challenges. By expanding our points of presence globally, we ensure that businesses have the reliable connectivity they need to thrive and unlock their full potential.



 At, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the network industry by delivering superior, sustainable, and automated connectivity solutions to enterprise customers worldwide. Our mission is to provide a 100% uptime guarantee, self-service, and end-to-end automation on a global scale.

 We are committed to excellence and professionalism in everything we do. Trust and equality are at the core of our values, and we strive to ensure that traffic passing through our networks is encrypted and transported equally. We also actively support the network community and strive to continuously improve in all areas, including our commitment to being CO2 neutral.

 Our clients can take advantage of a single API and transparent pricing, with access to enterprise-grade features. We make it easy for you to connect and manage your network infrastructure, so you can focus on your business. contact:

Carolyn Allebrodt | Senior Marketing Manager | email | +49 30577037410 phone