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EPF15 Barista Sponsoring

We're happy to announce that will be the Barista sponsor for the upcoming European Peering Forum 15 in Rome, Italy from 12-14th of September, 2022.

EPF (European Peering Forum) started in 2005 to provide the peering community with a fruitful event that enables them to successfully establish new peers and extend existing peering arrangements as well as sharing information and experience beneficial to the whole peering community.

Pre-COVID-19, EPF Meetings were attended by hundreds of representatives from Internet Providers from Europe and abroad. EPF15 will be the first in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic. With's planned launch date, EPF15 is the ideal place to meet with partners and customers from all over the world. With the 9.500 EUR Barista sponsoring, provides important financial support and takes care of well-tasting coffee support for all attendees.