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Service Overview offers a Pan-European 100G/400G network with high-quality connectivity to carriers, content providers, and internet exchanges. A three-digit number of peerings enables to provide outstanding reach and low latency.

If you want to experience that low latency for 30 days, reach out for our free IP Transit trial.  
In addition, BGP communities for traffic engineering, support for BGP FlowSpec, and fast service delivery (under 48 hours on average) add compelling value to’s service. IP Transit service delivers best-in-class performance due to the breadth and depth of the backbone network's connectivity to a variety of networks, including smaller regional networks. By contrast, many Tier 1 and Tier 2 ISPs don't peer with smaller and regional networks.'s commitment to in-depth peering relationships means that customers can gain the best performance to the widest set of networks and users.

Requirements and Benefits

  • Customer must have/use a public AS Number 
  • IPv4 /31 and IPv6 /127 transfer networks by default 
  • Larger networks available on request 
  • Internet Access with BGP Session(s) 
  • One or more BGP Sessions can be configured 
  • BGP Communities available according to Routing Policies section of knowledgebase


Requires a port
IP Transit can be handed on a VLAN tagged sub-interface, which can be defined by the customer. Handover on a physical port or untagged VLAN is not currently supported.

Requires Port+VLAN(s); can be configured at the VLAN level only, this includes the untagged VLAN.
Prefix can be IPv4 or IPv6, ranging up to /32 and /128.

BGP Session(s)
Requires IPv4 Prefix for IPv4 BGP Session & IPv6 Prefix for IPv6 BGP Session
BGP Sessions, IPv4 and/or IPv6.

Service Delivery Time provisions IP-Transit services in under 48 hours for on-net locations. This can be quicker through the portal.

How to order through the portal

IP Transit can be provisioned through the portal. Below are the steps explaining how to do this.

Setting up an account in the portal is the very first step and this is explained in the Using the Portal section of the knowledgebase.

Step 1

Click on 'Add a Service' and select 'IP Transit'

new transit KB 1
new transit KB 2

Step 2

Find and selected your desired location.


Step 3

Configure your port.


Step 4

Configure your IP Transit.

Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 05.35.27

Step 5

Place your order. 


Billing for IP Transit

  • The Committed Data Rate (CDR) must be at least 10% of the port line rate 
  • Billing is on a 95/5 percentile basis with burst billed at the same CDR price per Mbps 
  • Aggregated billing over multiple ports is not yet enabled on our portal, but please speak to your sales rep for more information since there can be a workaround

Complete information on pricing can be found in the Pricing section of the knowledgebase.



With FlowSpec, on a separate BGP session, customers can announce FlowSpec filter rules which will be installed in our network. This way, easy and customer-controlled filtering can help to mitigate DDoS attack before they reach the customer network. 

We are planning on adding additional filtering capabilities into the Portal for customer's whose equipment doesn't support BGP FlowSpec.

Internet exchanges is connected to the following internet exchanges and peering partners:

  • Amsterdam Internet Exchange
  • Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
  • Swiss Internet Exchange
  • Stockholm Internet Exchange
  • Vienna Internet Exchange
  • DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange)
  • London Internet Exchange
  • Prague Internet Exchange (NIX.CZ) 
  • Stuttgart Internet Exchange