About Us

About Us

Inter.link was founded with the mission to disrupt the network industry by providing better, sustainable, and automated connectivity to the internet. By providing 100% uptime guarantee, self-service, and end-to-end automation on every continent.

We believe in making a difference.

Inter.link has been founded with high expectations when it comes to quality, standards, and professionalism. Trust and equality are key, for everyone - therefore, we’ll encrypt the traffic passing our networks, transport it equally, and support the network community wherever possible.

Sustainability matters to us - We deal sustainably with employees, the environment, customers, and suppliers.

Our network runs on 100% renewable energy, our suppliers have been chosen based on their corporate sustainability record, and the work and travel of our employees will have as little impact on our environment as possible. Inter.link is CO2 neutral. And what we can’t produce, run or use CO2 neutral, will be compensated temporarily until we find a better solution.

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