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Overview develops network automation in an API-first fashion, which means that anything available in the portal is by definition available via the API. 

First steps with API 

The objective of this guide is to help customers get started with the API. The following topics are covered here: 

  • Authentication 
  • API Explorer 


The API uses API keys for accessing the API. In order to obtain a new API key, go to user profile and click on the "API Keys" section. Then click on the "Create API Key" button and enter a name for the new API key. The API key will be displayed after clicking on the "Create" button. 

API Explorer

The API reference is available at 

First, a customer needs to authenticate themselves by clicking on the "Authorize" button and entering their API key. Then they can start exploring the API. 

For example, to view services, navigate to the "Services" section and click on the "GET /services" endpoint. Then click on the "Try it out". Finally, click on the "Execute" button. 

The response will be displayed in the "Response" section. 


API Versioning

The API is versioned, and will release a new version if breaking changes are added.

Customers will have a grace period to implement the new version before it eventually gets removed.