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Overview distinguishes between ports and services. Ports are considered Multi-Service-Ports. Services are being provisioned on ports. For every service, one or more ports are required.

The port has a base fee depending on location and speed and is required.

Supported interface speeds are (1G-LX), 10G-LR, 25G-LR, 100G-LR4, and 400G-LR4.

managing port capacity allows oversubscription of service CDR & bandwidth on ports. For example, customers can order 20Gbps of Flex Ethernet services on a 10Gbps port. does not take responsibility for managing the capacity of individual customer ports, this is the customer's responsibility.

Ordering cross connects

The customer must always order the crossconnect. Demarcation from side will always be the building / Meet-Me-Room (MMR) patchpanel. will not take over any responsibility for infrastructure beyond the demarc.

Port Pricing

Standard monthly recurring charges (MRC) and non-recurring charges (NRC) pricing for ports at PoPs. Port Pricing varies by region. For full information on pricing, please check the Pricing section.

Multi-service ports

Each physical interface on a network device can be used to provide multiple services to a customer, by dividing a the single physical interface into multiple logical interfaces, using VLANs. This is what allows for our multi-service port paradigm. The range of available VLANs, and thus the available services per interface, is from 2 to 4094 (4093 services in total per physical interface).