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Flexible, redundant, and transparent.

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Key Features

Reliable and efficient network connectivity is a critical component to your business. 

That's why we offer our Transport Services, a flexible, redundant, and transparent solution for interconnecting multiple locations with our Layer2 cloud. 

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More is Better… Endpoints That Is

Our Point-to-Multipoint solution allows you to easily connect multiple locations and stretch the same Layer 2 broadcast domain across them. Our services can be delivered in either data centers or individual offices, depending on accessibility. 

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Extend Your Reach

We also offer the ability to extend your reach by connecting with our remote peering partners, giving you access to global connectivity. Our VLAN-based connections can be easily provisioned through our API or automated portal. 

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Easily Link Together

All of our Transport Services are designed to seamlessly integrate with our other VLAN-based products, and we offer path redundancy through our Segment-Routing based backbone at no extra cost. 


Key Benefits at a Glance

Our Layer 2 solution offers a range of key benefits including: 

  • Flexible billing and shorter terms options 
  • Cloud and SaaS Connectivity to major platforms such as AWS, GCC, Azure, IBM, Alibaba, Tencent, Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce 
  • Link-Loss Forwarding 
  • 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management 
  • Full transparency, including for LACP 
  • Jumbo-Frame Support (MTU 9000)
  • Path Protection and Redundancy by default

Remote Peering Partners

Transport Protocols

We believe in maximum transparency, therefore we use the following EtherTypes & Standards:

EtherType / Standard Description
0x8809 LACP
0x88E5 MACSec
0x88EE E-LMI
0x8808 Ethernet Flow Control
802.1q-2014 Spanning Tree (STP)