Our Network & Security Products

Inter.link offers a broad portfolio of networking services:IP connectivity, point-to-point transport, and DDoS protection.  Everything Inter.link offers, comes with an API, transparent pricing, and can be white-labeled. All services come with a 100% uptime guarantee. Available bandwidths range from 1 up to 400 Gbps.

By providing 100% uptime guarantee, self-service, and end-to-end automation on every continent, Inter.link will become the industry leader as a Next-Generation Network Service Provider.

All products can be provided instantaneously, billed per minute, based on 95/5 or average, and regionally/globally aggregated.

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Layer2 Products

  • Layer2 Transport (transparent, protected, Point to Point/Multipoint)
  • Remote Peering at well-known Internet Exchanges
  • Cloud & SaaS Connect to all major Cloud & as a Service platforms
    (AWS, GCC, Azure, IBM, Alibaba, Tencent, Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce)

Layer3 Products

  • IP Transit & IP Access, with BGP, FlowSpec, and more
  • Private Network Cloud
    Enterprise customers can connect their branch offices all around the world. With custom routes and on-top security features incl. traffic steering.


  • DDoS Protection (Detection, Mitigation)
    With our global network presence, Inter.link is able to detect and mitigate all types of DDoS attacks up to Layer7. Our detection engine combined with multiple scrubbing centers offers unprecedented capabilities.
  • Monitoring & Threat Analysis, Advanced Filtering, BGP FlowSpec


  • Management of Autonomous Systems
  • BYO AS Number and IP Space

Where to connect?

Customers and partners can connect to our network in nearly all larger metros or at well-known Internet Exchange points. Furthermore, our network also covers a larger number of smaller markets that are undersupplied or not as far developed from a technical perspective. Our products are available independent of the region, location, and market size.

Thanks to our innovative technology approach, we’re able to provide the same feature set in every Inter.link Point of Presence. For details, please check out our Peering DB record.


We’re doing business with businesses. This includes small providers, as well as, large enterprises. Whatever your size our platform, technology, and processes are the same. Our overall pricing is transparent and based on region, product, revenue, or contract length.

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