Customers and Partners

Our customers ensures a high quality of service, speed as well as flexibility, on top of which it also tailors solutions to our needs. The partnership is viewed by Vattenfall as efficient, trustworthy and valuable. We are looking forward to extending the business with in the future.
We have had a very good business relationship for many years. Since we started renting out our office space in the Backfabrik in 2002,, formerly known as SysEleven has been on our side as a reliable partner in all topics regarding internet connectivity for our tenants.
–R.E.M.M. - Backfabrik
By choosing as our network provider we can optimize our connectivity and confidently focus on providing high quality digital experiences to our clients.
–Carsten Schlenzok, Unit Manager Data Center Berlin, ]init[ AG
Reliable, competent, uncomplicated, cooperative - this is how Dawico sees its relationship with its provider Dawico falls back on various products. Amongst others is used as an upstream provider and also deploys the immensely important DDoS protection. By using these products, Dawico gets the high quality traffic that it needs for its customers.
–Dawico Systems

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