Our IP-Transit products are designed for everyone: from small to large ISPs. We offer hundreds of peerings, BGP FlowSpec, free basic DDoS protection, and fast delivery. And we're just getting started.     ‌

Bring your own AS number to the table and we can get you connected to the internet.

Our network combines the best of both worlds. You get a worldwide network that's able to rival most Tier 1 providers combined with hundreds of Tier 2 peerings. No compromises are required.

Don't believe us, try us out for a trial and see for yourself.

Key Benefits

  • Internet Access with BGP Session
  • IPv4 / 31 and IPv6 / 127 transfer networks by default
  • IPv4 / 29 and IPv6 / 64 on request
  • Includes basic DDoS protection against volumetric attacks
  • Service delivery is usually less than 48 hours with the CrossConnect

Customize Your Solution with BGP FlowSpec

Get ahead of a potential DDoS attack before it cripples your network. Using FlowSpec, on a separate BGP session, our customers can announce FlowSpec filter rules that will be installed on our network.

This approach mitigates DDoS attacks before they even get close to your network.

Reliable, competent, uncomplicated, cooperative - this is how Dawico sees its relationship with its provider Amongst others is used as an upstream provider and also deploys the immensely important DDoS protection. By using these products, Dawico gets the high-quality traffic it needs for its customers.
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