Layer2 Transport

Our Layer2 Transport uses a transparent Ethernet connection between two of's points of presence (PoPs), delivered on either 10GE or 100GE ports.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible billing and shorter terms are available
  • Link-Loss-Forwarding
  • 802.1 ag Connectivity Fault Management
  • Full transparency e.g. for LACP
  • Jumbo-Frame-Support (MTU9000)
  • Path-Protection / Redundancy by default

Maximum Flexibility, Redundancy, and Transparency

We offer our Layer2 Transport as a stand-alone product or easily combinable with our other VLAN-based products.

Path-redundancy is offered through our Segment-Routing-based backbone by default and at no extra cost.

Make adjustments quickly and securely in our self-service portal. All routing paths and pricing are fully-transparent to allow you to scale bandwidth as needed.


Need connectivity between more than just 2 points, we can help you out. Our point-to-multipoint connects multiple locations in a Layer2 cloud with the same Layer2 broadcast domain stretched over multiple locations.

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