A customizable, flexible connectivity solution for businesses, legacy installations, and campuses has arrived.

Join a high-quality, Pan-European 100G/400G network with outstanding connectivity to carriers, content providers, and internet exchanges. Our network has hundreds of peerings to ensure that your data reaches where it needs to go with low latency.

Key Benefits

  • Internet Access without BGP Session
  • IPv4/31 and IPv6/127 transfer networks by default
  • IPv4/29 and IPv6/64 on request
  • Includes basic DDoS protection against volumetric attacks
  • Service delivery is usually less than 48 hours with the CrossConnect
By choosing as our network provider we can optimize our connectivity and confidently focus on providing high-quality digital experiences to our clients. Carsten Schlenzt, Unit Manager Data Center Berlin, ]init[ AG

Customize Your Perfect Solution

Bring Your Own ASN (BYOA)

Managing internet infrastructure is no easy task. If you find yourself in a situation where you have an AS number and IP address space, then we can help.

Our services allow you to use your own IP address space under your ASN in combination with our IP-Access product.

DDoS Filtering Migration

Our automated portal lets customers announce filter rules (similar to FlowSpec) that they would like to have installed in our network. This allows easy and customer-controlled filtering to mitigate a DDoS attack before it reaches the customer's network.

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